Robert Lund-Jensen (1915-2003)


photo: Robert Wengler       


My father Robert Lund-Jensen was born 1915 in Odense, just beside (or maybe even in the exact same house) where Hans Christian Andersen was born.

He made his breakthrough as a sculptor in 1947 when he won first prize in a nationwide competition about making a monument for the Danish people who lost their life during second world war. The monument was unveiled in Odense the 5th of may 1950.

Since then my father had a lot orders for statues to public places. The most widely known might be the statue of a fisher maiden standing at the harbour in the small town of Kerteminde. It`s called “Amanda”, a name which (also through an old song) is connected to Kerteminde.

Among other well known statues I can mention one of Erik Eriksen (a former prime minister) standing at the main square in Eriksens hometown, Ringe, and “the swallows” standing at the entrance to the main hospital in Odense.      

Besides an uncountable number of privately owned sculptures, my father has made at least 50 statues standing at public places all around Denmark. He also has one in Norwich, US, but that one might be privately owned.  



Picture gallery 1: Sculptures in public places
Picture gallery 2: Privately owned sculptures
Peter Eriksen:
Robert og pigerne (Robert and the girls)


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